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Posted on September 14, 2010

[Nagasaki mon Amore]

Hibakusha, ©MMX

Hibakusha are, by definition, a dying breed. For 65 years the world has waited, and with each passing year it becomes harder to hold that bated breath. In a way, we are all hibakusha. The Nuclear Age is one of hyperbole and forgetfulness; paranoia and separation… It's good to see that some things haven't changed.

In August of 1945, my great-grandparents were still locked away in the Arizona desert while my grandparents continued to scrape out new lives here in Chicago; surviving.

At the same time, my great-uncle in the MIS continued to interrogate Japanese POWs in PNG, hoping that each secret he extracted from the prisoners would help prevent the American invasion of Japanese soil that each US soldier feared since the first "Banzai!" was cried… Homeland: faces of the children he'd yet to bear charging at him with bamboo spears by the thousand.

8.6.1945: two of my grandparents' nieces died on their way to school; midwives to the apocalypse. Their aunt died soon after of leukemia. Those left behind would be known as hibakusha; atomic survivors. No one escapes the fallout…

Across the demon-proof bridge stands the Guardian of the Fallout. I can't look at Japan without seeing him. Karma doesn't have a half-life.


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Musashi at Brunei

Posted on September 7, 2010

Musashi at Brunei, ©MMX

The Musashi was a Yamato-class heavy battleship and served as flagship for the Combined Japanese Imperial Navy from 1943-44. With her indomitable spirit, the Musashi terrified all who saw her on the horizon.

A major flaw in Japan's overall naval strategy was that big guns and big ships were not the key to victory. The sinking of the Musashi in October of 1944 was a tremendous blow, in steel and spirit, to the Japanese Empire.

Rising up from the sea, Kusunoki Masashige stands as the symbol of samurai loyalty in the face of annihilation, patron-saint of the Kamikaze.

"I 'm not dying yet; I have quite a few men to kill first." -Yojimbo


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Digital Howl: Social Media Marketing

Posted on September 6, 2010

weBlog 101:09.06.2010

property of Warner Brothers and the Brothers Wachowski

Can you hear me now?

As I write this on my iPhone, I revel in the power of information without the hard-won quest for knowledge:

the apple in the garden 2.0—

When the Matrix came out in theaters, I felt strong empathy for neo: a genX narcissist who didn't give a damn about anyone; the typical cyber-punk hero. As a villain, Agent Smith's attachment to an omnipotent network of information was the epitome of evil.

The scene in which Agent Smith "unplugs" in order to get personal and torture Morpheus has stuck in my mind since 1999. It only occurred to me recently with much horror:

Social media has made everyone of us into an Agent.

Cast out from the garden, we are free roaming 2.0 cowboys chasing the event horizon and running from those who would seek to tame us with DRM, censorship and copy-write fences. To become a social media marketing specialist, we must be like rangers stalking prey, ear to the ground for the next big quarry. We have trained our children to shift their attention in an split-second because it is necessary to survive in this digital jungle where communiqués in 31 flavors can assault us at any moment.

We must be cautious.

There is no distinction between guerrilla and establishment,friendly poke or identity theft. Almost everyone has access, and everyone online can be reached. Web 2.0 is the holy grail of marketing and your worst nightmare all rolled into one. This is the cutting edge, and sometimes you might get cut.

How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go? — but who says you have any way to fight the fall?


-David Tanimura

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Posted on September 4, 2010

Kaiju (giant-monster) Battle!!!

Action!, ©MMX

The newest piece in the "Occupied" series pits two of my favorite wandering gods of chaos: Yojimbo and Gojira, in a fight to see who gets to keep the rubble.

The price of modernity are the monsters that we birth into existence.

The stronger we narcissistically hold onto the past, we forget those whom we trod on in our pursuit of greatness.

The golden age is the myth of modernity. Modernity is the myth of progress.

Shikata ga nai and pass the ammunition.


Beyond the Coyote 2010

Posted on September 4, 2010

This weekend (9/10-12), I will be showing at Chicago's premier studio-artist show, Beyond the Coyote; a three-day event featuring hundreds of artists in all mediums! I am showing in room 214 in the Flatiron Building. Find out more about the event @:

Coyote on Facebook

FIAA Homepage

See you there!

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