Musashi Mix Inq

Commission Work

Logo • Web • Print • Photo Restoration • Editorial Illustration

Midnight City - Steppenwolf Theater - 2014

Midnight City – Steppenwolf Theater – 2014

Steppenwolf Chicago

Logo Design – Tony Fitzpatrick, Black Shamrock Press


Our Fair City-5.4

Episode art for “Our Fair City” Season 5, Episode 4

Print Media and Advertising – Firecat Projects Gallery

Designer of all show posters and print media for Firecat Projects Gallery

Film Festival Poster – Nisei Documentary “Gaman”

Show Poster – Lily Rose Violet

Show Poster Art – Cobalt and the Hired Guns

Logo – Playwright’s Pub, Independent Chicago Acting Troup

Logo and Print Media – Salt Creek, Independent Online Bookshop

Logo and Letterhead – Tina & Dollie, Premier Wedding and Event Decorators

Logo and Print Media – Auntie Jo’s Yummies, Gourmet Bakery

Logo – Shogai, Chicago Judo Dojo

Logo & Web Designer – Warriors Without Limits, Wounded Veteran Judo Program

Custom Fan Portraiture – Game of Thrones

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Usagi Family Crest

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