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Project Sunshine 7: Float

Posted on May 9, 2011

Float, ©MMXI

Many thanks to the children,

who showed the world that in their hearts burns a fire,

— a Rising Sun —

that no tide can put out.

• • •

There is still much to be done.

Please help us reach that bright horizon.

Donate and help rebuild.

Thank you—


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Project Sunshine 6: Raise the Flag

Posted on May 6, 2011

The finale to "Project Sunshine" will be posted Monday, 5/9/11!

• • •

Heigan 8 A

[ Get Out! ] [ Quick! ]

"A huge Tsunami already washing away a blue car
is now coming after people who are running for their lives." — Heigan, age 8

Heigan 8 B

[Hang-in there Japan!!!]

"Japanese national flag in the middle. A boy holding a bugle with blue ribbon hanging
is here to cheer people in Japan. USA is helping Japan." — Heigan, age 8

Heigan 8 C

[Donations] — Heigan, age 8


• ¥ •

Ken 4 A

"House is in the water. Rescue helicopter on the left and Batman also coming down to lend a helping hand.
Sun in upper right and a big plant on the bottom means a bright future for Japan." — Ken, age 4

Ken 4 B

"House in the water is on fire. in the distance, a remote control counts down [ 3,2,1 ] and pours
a bucketful of water into the house. A tall person next to the house is smiling,
thinking everything is going to be alright." — Ken, age 4


• ¥ •

Koki 9 A

[ Tsunami is coming! ]

Earthquake hit Japan. People are falling from the building and
so much commotion and confusion can be seen. Japanese flag is on the ground." — Koki, age 9

Koki 9 B

[ Japan needs hope and help. And some money. Let's help Japan ]

"Japanese flag inside the Rising Sun." — Koki, age 9


• • •

Please donate and help rebuild.

Thank you—


Project Sunshine 5: Rebirth

Posted on May 5, 2011

Izumi 5 a

"A happy girl stands right next to the Japanese national flag outside the house" — Izumi, age 5

Izumi 5 b

[Hope for Japan]

"Sunny day, a big house rebuilt by the big tall trees. A girl in a red dress gives a big smilee" — Izumi, age 5


Ξ • Ξ

Hana 5 b

[Earthquake, please don't ever come back]

"Sunny day, a beautiful flower in the middle with an accompanying butterfly and bee.
Japanese national flag in the back left and Mount Fuji on the right." -Hana, age 5

Hana 5 a

" Tsunami hit Japan, but pretty stars twinkle in the dark sky. Sunny day will come…" — Hana, age 5


Ξ • Ξ

2yr old

"A beautiful tulip garden lies outside the house on a sunny day." — N/A, age 2

• • •

Please donate and help rebuild.

Thank you—


Project Sunshine 4: Letters to Sendai

Posted on May 2, 2011

Kazuya 5

"A letter to Grandma and Grandpa.

"My face is on the left and my baby sister, May, is on the right

"Each one's hand print sits above their face." - Kazuya, age 5


Joe 3

"Inside the water and fire, you see two people.

"The line between them can mean sepperation.

"One has concerned eyes looking for the other" - Joe, age 3


Ken 3

"Me and my sister Meg. Above Meg is water and an apple." - Ken, age 3


Seiichi 4

"Naomi Sensei standing in the grass with a heart and a butterfly" - Seiichi, age 4

• • •

Please donate and help rebuild.

Thank you—


Project Sunshine 3: Blue Skies

Posted on April 28, 2011

Emma 5

"Blue sky, sunny day, bird flying [tweets]. Mt. Fuji, hearts, love.

"Cherry blossom, flying cherry petals, a girl in a rainbow dress -

"All in the image of happy Japan." - Emma, age 5


Dante 8

"[We need help!] Along with my favorite toys, I stand in the middle." - Dante, age 8


Mia 7

[People in Japan, please get well]

"Blue sky overlooking a park filled with flowers, swings, a slide, and a duck play-lot bouncer.

"A girl is going down the slide." - Mia, age 7


Lilia 5

[ I love Japan ]

"In a big Japanese flag, you see a scene from a sunny day in the park.

"Next to the big tree is a new tree growing.

"A happy girl is accompanied by two pigs, a ladybug and a rainbow-colored butterfly." - Lilia, age 5

• • •

Please donate and help rebuild.

Thank you—



Project Sunshine 2: Ebb and Flow

Posted on April 26, 2011

Ganbatte : Don't give up
Felicia, age 5

Felicia 5, a

"Home and person washed away by tsunami."

Felicia 5, b

"Blue bird on tree branch. Sky filled with shining stars, hearts and shamrocks
because the picture was done on St. Patricks day."

Felicia 5, c

"A newly rebuilt, pretty pink house. Out in the yard sits a large green table with two brown chairs.
Happy looking people are preparing to cook and eat outside the house."

Please donate and help rebuild.

Thank you—