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Palliativity 160: Confessions of a Mask

Posted on August 13, 2012

Bane — the Liberator of Gotham.

A mysterious, methodical mastermind of terror.

In Christopher Nolan‘s third and final installment in the Dark Knight Trilogy, Bane smashes his way to the top of the criminal food-chain.

Ra’s al Ghul believed in Order

The Scarecrow’s tool was Fear

The Joker thrived on Chaos

Two-face’s obsession was Fairness

Bane’s weapon is Pain

Bain’s backstory is fairly fleshed-out compared to his predecessors. He was beaten and broken in prison after sacrificing himself in order to save Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter, Talia. The irreparable trauma and damage to his body causes Bain constant, crippling pain. When I heard this in the theater, I got chills. Bane’s demon mask feeds him a continuous supply of painkillers. Without the Mask, he is nothing.

Rise, ©MMXII

Like Bane, I don’t look weak or disabled. I wish there was an armband for chronic pain; some signal to show that it takes all my effort to just keep going. Without my drugs, the relentless demon inside lashes out. I wish I had a mask full of magic. Instead I have my go-bag full of needles, serum, ointments and pills. My calendar is full of doctor appointments, prescription refills and pick-ups. I have to be vigilant and methodical about everything I do. Without structure, I would completely collapse.

Everyday, I wake-up and am immediately
reminded that I am still in Saigon.

On the bad days, pain is the filter thru which I see the world.


I fight to remain true to myself and see things as they are.

More than any other comic-book villain or hero,
Bane is the one I can empathize with the most.


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