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Palliativity 151: Scissors beats Paper

Posted on May 17, 2012

NATO is at the gates of my fair metropolis. They are trailed by their groupies of counter-movement leaders, impressionable followers, demonstrators, patriots, freedom junkies and those just looking for a fight… and tear-gas.

This isn’t a protest; it’s a time-bomb.

Respectively, the citizens brace for an invasion of the Post-Occupy Movement‘s disenchanted and directionless orphans. In other words, a bunch of revved-up people that have no fucking clue what to do with their weekend are chasing their next windmill; their next dragon. This is what happens when a movement falls through.

• • •

With my art, I don’t intend to glorify war or to romanticize militarism. My family, my perspective, has been defined by the world at war model; the Westerosian seasons of apocalypse and rebirth.

Millennials: We are the children of Autumn… or is it still Summer? These times of relative calm are defined by our last engagement with the enemy— the pretentiously defined other; the demons that survive us…

“What doesn’t kill us, defines us.”
The Zero Effect


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