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Palliativity 146: Concealed Carry Me

Posted on March 29, 2012

I’m in Florida in a strange time in America’s history of violence.

This entry is not about guns, but rather hiding in plain-sight.

The gear sling bag I carry everywhere serves many purposes. The 2011 Maxpedition Colossus is a concealed-carry incase-of-apocalypse everyday action-pack! It is made of mercenary quality nylon and sports a bevy of hidden clip-holders, grenade pouches and places to stash semiauto hand-cannons…


My chronic pain condition requires an armory of weapons to balance out the bad. The gear-sling’s most unique feature is that the bag also functions as a ninja sling. My left arm is able to hang completely relaxed all the time, a reflex going back to the recovery period following the initial injury.

It’s liberating to be able to rely on myself to carry all the medicine and tinctures I need to get thru daily life adventures, built into a platform that gives adequate support while keeping up appearances.

After a decade and a half of practice, I’m starting to get a handle on this.


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