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Lost in the Desert

Posted on February 19, 2012

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We count our generations because history would otherwise forget our story.

Yamamoto family, 1925

We are an inconvenient truth; documented but not published.

We are enemies of the State.

We are still lost in the desert, tracking sand across America.

We don’t know where we’re going.

But we hold on to what we can; all that we can carry.

And it is the few of us who rise up and choose to remember with pride and dignity.

Me - 2016

That for their suffering, I live and breathe—

For their memory,




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  1. So moving.
    Beautiful and tragic.

    • Thank you. That’s why it’s hard sometimes to be the ones in the family who keep the stories alive. We certainly share that burden but we can see the beauty in it.

      Also, I can’t wait to hear what Uncle Bud writes next. Remind me sometime to tell you of how mom’s uncle Allen (stan’s father) attributes surviving the Battle of the Bulge to your father. Uncle Allen is also famous for single-handedly breaking the Geneva Convention. He was the only Jew in his squad who was public and got lots of flak for it. But when they got to a bombed town in France, he saw what the soldiers had done to the synagogue. He grabbed his closeted Jewish fellow soldiers and a group of Nazi soldiers they had captured and led them to the synagogue. He drew his gun on the Germans, cocked the hammer and said, “Reinigen”. Clean.

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