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Palliativity 141: We are the Future

Posted on February 8, 2012

When I started this art-blog adventure, I didn't know where I was headed. I knew that no matter where my art took me, I was on the right path; a ronin at the crossroads.

"Occupied: the Art of War" was a battle with my own identity and family history of loss, displacement and cultural survival in a world that would rather forget.

When the Tsunami struck last year and Japan crumbled in an atomic haze, I learned that history happens when you least expect it. Lessons from my family and my studies crystalized out of the aether; I knew that I had been training for that moment all of my life. We must pick up the pieces and breath life once again into the old; dredging up our lives from beneath the deluge. Thus was born the series "Tsunami 2011".

"Apocalypto Neuveau" is where I find my path these days. It's not about history but rather the living memory we all keep inside our hearts. A wish and a kiss in prayer under cesium winter skies. I am no longer alone. All of you have joined me in this collective cry to remember what binds us together : Hope and Memory.

Fight the Future, Save the Past.



• • •

After all that heaviness, enjoy: