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Palliativity 135: “The Spoon Theory”

Posted on November 3, 2011

I've been asked many times what it is like to live with chronic pain. Until I started this blog, it was a subject I really didn't want to dig in to. Other than close friends and family, most people never realize that something is wrong with me; that every second of my day takes a tremendous effort to just keep going.

"Palliativity - the Pain Diary" is my way of expressing these feelings that are too much to be shared in any outward way. Living with pain is a well-choreographed performance. Each action has repercussions and the illusion of normalcy is the goal.

"The Spoon Theory" is an inspiring article by Christine Miserandino. The essay focuses on a familiar situation in-which she is attempting to explain her life in pain to an inquisitive friend. An epiphany arises and Christine's spoon mantra is born.

After discovering the article, I suddenly found myself in a strong community of others who quietly and defiantly choose to not give up.

For more info, check out her website at:


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