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Project Sunshine 6: Raise the Flag

Posted on May 6, 2011

The finale to “Project Sunshine” will be posted Monday, 5/9/11!

• • •

Heigan 8 A

[ Get Out! ] [ Quick! ]

“A huge Tsunami already washing away a blue car
is now coming after people who are running for their lives.” — Heigan, age 8

Heigan 8 B

[Hang-in there Japan!!!]

“Japanese national flag in the middle. A boy holding a bugle with blue ribbon hanging
is here to cheer people in Japan. USA is helping Japan.” — Heigan, age 8

Heigan 8 C

[Donations] — Heigan, age 8


• ¥ •

Ken 4 A

“House is in the water. Rescue helicopter on the left and Batman also coming down to lend a helping hand.
Sun in upper right and a big plant on the bottom means a bright future for Japan.” — Ken, age 4

Ken 4 B

“House in the water is on fire. in the distance, a remote control counts down [ 3,2,1 ] and pours
a bucketful of water into the house. A tall person next to the house is smiling,
thinking everything is going to be alright.” — Ken, age 4


• ¥ •

Koki 9 A

[ Tsunami is coming! ]

Earthquake hit Japan. People are falling from the building and
so much commotion and confusion can be seen. Japanese flag is on the ground.” — Koki, age 9

Koki 9 B

[ Japan needs hope and help. And some money. Let’s help Japan ]

“Japanese flag inside the Rising Sun.” — Koki, age 9


• • •

Please donate and help rebuild.

Thank you—


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