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Project Sunshine 5: Rebirth

Posted on May 5, 2011

Izumi 5 a

“A happy girl stands right next to the Japanese national flag outside the house” — Izumi, age 5

Izumi 5 b

[Hope for Japan]

“Sunny day, a big house rebuilt by the big tall trees. A girl in a red dress gives a big smilee” — Izumi, age 5


Ξ • Ξ

Hana 5 b

[Earthquake, please don’t ever come back]

“Sunny day, a beautiful flower in the middle with an accompanying butterfly and bee.
Japanese national flag in the back left and Mount Fuji on the right.” -Hana, age 5

Hana 5 a

” Tsunami hit Japan, but pretty stars twinkle in the dark sky. Sunny day will come…” — Hana, age 5


Ξ • Ξ

2yr old

“A beautiful tulip garden lies outside the house on a sunny day.” — N/A, age 2

• • •

Please donate and help rebuild.

Thank you—


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