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Project Sunshine 3: Blue Skies

Posted on April 28, 2011

Emma 5

"Blue sky, sunny day, bird flying [tweets]. Mt. Fuji, hearts, love.

"Cherry blossom, flying cherry petals, a girl in a rainbow dress -

"All in the image of happy Japan." - Emma, age 5


Dante 8

"[We need help!] Along with my favorite toys, I stand in the middle." - Dante, age 8


Mia 7

[People in Japan, please get well]

"Blue sky overlooking a park filled with flowers, swings, a slide, and a duck play-lot bouncer.

"A girl is going down the slide." - Mia, age 7


Lilia 5

[ I love Japan ]

"In a big Japanese flag, you see a scene from a sunny day in the park.

"Next to the big tree is a new tree growing.

"A happy girl is accompanied by two pigs, a ladybug and a rainbow-colored butterfly." - Lilia, age 5

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