Musashi Mix Inq

Occupied: the Art of War

Enemy-occupied territory is what the world is.
– C.S. Lewis –

• • •

Ghost Story, ©MMXII

Ghost Story” —>

BRB.Ninjas. ©MMXI

BRB.Ninjas” —>

Sweet Surrender, ©MMXI

Sweet Surrender” —>

Showdown, ©MMXI

Showdown” —>

Modoru (turn back), ©MMXI

Modoru” —>

Tetsu no Ame, ©MMXI

Tetsu no Ame” —>

Sensō Koji, ©MMXI

Senso Koji” —>

Flight, ©MMXI

Flight” —>

Manifest Identity, ©MMXI

Manifest Identity” —>

Fallout, ©MMXI

Fallout” —>

IkuZo!, ©MMXI

IkuZo!” —>

Man the Guns, ©MMXI

Man the Guns” —>

The Night Raid. ©MMXI

The Night Raid” —>

Lotus of the Rising Sun, ©MMXI

Lotus of the Rising Sun” —>

The Bourgeois King, ©MMXI

The Bourgeois King” —>

Witness, ©MMXI

Witness” —>

Journey to the West, ©MMXI

Journey to the West” —>

Operation Vengeance: 56 Down, ©MMX

Operation Vengeance: 56 Down” —>

Benshi (The Narrator), ©MMX

Benshi” —>

The Fashion Monster, ©MMX

The Fashion Monster” —>

Dignity, ©MMX

Dignity” —>

Gion Ghosts, ©MMX

Gion Ghosts” —>

Shadowland, ©MMX

Shadowland” —>

The Long Way Home, ©MMX

The Long Way Home” —>

Pieta, ©MMX

Pieta” —>

The Zero Hour, ©MMX

The Zero Hour” —>

The Commodore, ©MMX

The Commodore” —>

Kinkakujikan, ©MMX

Kinkakujikan” —>

[Nagasaki mon Amore]

Hibakusha, ©MMX

Hibakusha” —> 

Musashi at Brunei, ©MMX

Musashi at Brunei” —>

Kaiju (giant-monster) Battle!!!

Action!, ©MMX

Action!” —>

Tourist Season, ©MMX

 “Tourist Season” —>

Yasukuni Elegy, ©MMX


Denryoku, ©MMX

After Image, ©MMX

Infamy, ©MMX

Infamy” —>


Best Laid Plans, ©MMX


Sakura, ©MMX


Tomare, ©MMX


[08/06/1945; 8:15AM GMT+9:00; 34°23'43.69"N; 132°27'12.30"E]

Ground Zero, ©MMIX

The Pacific Theater, ©MMX


Heian Surrender, ©MMX

Heian Surrender” —>

Kyoto Underground, ©MMV

Kyoto Underground” —>


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