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Posted on October 1, 2012

Artemis, ©MMXII

Goddess of the Hunt, Keeper of the Wild.


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Posted on August 2, 2011


Enjoy yourself. It's later than you think.

Firecat Projects Show, 2013

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To the bone

"To the bone" --->


"Hounded" --->

Nevermore, ©MMXIII

"Nevermore" --->

Sword of Doom, ©MMXII

"Sword of Doom: Kill Bill" --->

"Chasing Smoke", ©MMXII

"Chasing Smoke" --->

Serenity, ©MMXII

"Serenity" --->

Rise, ©MMXII

"Rise" (Batman, The Dark Knight Rises) --->

Remains of the Day, ©MMXII

"Remains of the Day" --->

The Far Side of Midnight, ©MMXII

"The Far Side of Midnight" --->

Ecstasy + Blinded

Ecstasy, ©MMXII

"Ecstasy" --->

Getaway, ©MMXII

"Getaway" --->

Blinded by the Lights, ©MMXII

"Blinded by the Lights" --->

Runaway, ©MMXII

"Runaway" --->

Artemis, ©MMXII

"Artemis" --->

Eclipse, ©MMXII

"Eclipse" --->

The Giving Tree, ©MMXII

"The Giving Tree" --->

Elysium, ©MXII

"Elysium" --->

Bounty, ©MMXII

"Bounty" --->

Lady of the Lake, ©MMXII

"Lady of the Lake" --->

Ironworks, ©MMXII

"Ironworks" --->

Samael, ©MMXII

"Samael" --->

Lilith, ©MMXII

"Lilith" --->

Take5, ©MMXII

"Take5" --->

Alley-Cat, ©MMXII

"Alley-Cat" --->

Thorns, ©MMXII

"Thorns" --->

Fly-by, ©MMXII

"Fly-by" --->

Lost in Heaven, ©MMXII

"Lost in Heaven" --->

Fireside, ©MMXII

"Fireside" --->

Hecate, ©MMXII

"Hecate" --->

Empire, ©MMXII

"Empire" --->

Baba Yaga, ©MMXII

"Baba Yaga" --->

Persephone, ©MMXII

"Persephone" --->

Titan, ©MMXII

"Titan" --->

To the Lost, ©MMXII

"To the Lost" --->

Siren Song, ©MMXII

"Siren Song" --->

Dawn, ©MMXII

"Dawn" --->

The Samaritan, ©MMXII

"The Samaritan" --->

Solace in Spring, ©MMXII

"Solace in Spring" --->

Mercy, ©MMXII

"Mercy" --->

Prometheus Bound, ©MMXII

"Prometheus Bound" --->

©MMXII, to End All Wars…

"to End all Wars…" --->

© MMXII, The Night Witch

 "The Night Witch" --->

1911, ©MMXII

"1911" --->

Dead Man's Tale, ©MMXII

"Dead Man's Tale" --->

Early Thaw, ©MMXII

"Early Thaw" --->

Pasithea, ©MMXI

"Pasithea" --->

Harvest Moon, MMXI

"Harvest Moon" --->

Folly, ©MMXI

"Folly" --->

Gaia Unbound, ©MMXI

"Gaia Unbound" --->

Battle of the Somme, ©MMXI

"Battle of the Somme" --->

©MMXI, I'll be the Moon

"I'll be the Moon" --->

© MMXI, Covering Fire

"Covering Fire" --->

Last Prayer, ©MMXI

 "Last Prayer" --->

Tin Soldier, ©MMXI

"Tin Soldier" --->

The Long Winter Night, ©MMXI

"The Long Winter Night" --->

Firestorm, ©MMXI

"Firestorm" --->

Clockwork Goddess, ©MMXI

"Clockwork Goddess" --->

Fire Dance on the Western Front, ©MMXI

"Fire Dance on the Western Front" --->

Late Summer Harvest, ©MMXI

"Late-Summer Harvest" --->

Mother Superior, ©MMXI

"Mother Superior" --->

Daughter of the Sun, ©MMXI

"Daughter of the Sun" --->

Gaia's Lament, ©MMXI

"Gaia's Lament" --->

Bitter Oriental, ©MMXI

"Bitter Oriental" --->

Rhapsody in Spring, ©MMXI

"Rhapsody in Spring" --->

• • •


"What doesn't kill you, defines you."
The Zero Effect


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