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Palliativity 200: resonant frequency

Posted on June 27, 2013

This marks my 100th Palliativity entry! Thank you all so much for your support and awesomeness over the years. It means more than you know 😀

• • •

I saw my pain doc again this past Monday. 3 weeks post RFA and my pain was still much higher than I was expecting, prompting a regression to the pain management routine I thought I’d finally put to rest. It’s been a rough go, emotionally and physically. Did the procedure not work, or did it make things worse? Is 5 months of peace all I’m going to get?

I’m a  sommelier of pain at this point. I’ve sampled most specie and spent a good chunk of the past few weeks trying to parse this mysterious reoccurrence. The particular sensation took me right back to high school. This was muscular pain, not nerve damage. The tense agony and headaches. Insomnia with a hint of depression. A tail that lasted thru til morning. But why?

three weeks of waiting for healing and answers…

The doc poked and prodded my neck for a few minutes. Muscle pain it was. He said that sometimes the muscle tissue can still knot-up even when the associated pain nerve has been burnt out. After a life-long battle with pain, my body is like one of those Japanese WWII soldiers stranded on an island still holding out for glory long after the war. Unwilling to lay down arms in a brave new world.

I just have to get the muscles to let go.

Even the bag says “ouch”. So does my credit card…

The interface turned out to be the crude but satisfying haul from the pharmacy seen above. My doc doesn’t do things half-way. He likes solutions that are as quick as they are effective.  You are looking at a four-headed monster of total pharmacological warfare. The pain won’t know what hit it.


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