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Palliativity 142: Memoir of the Nuclear Age

Posted on March 1, 2012

"Nuclear Energy" - Henry Moore, 1967

History has a way of creeping up on you.

We are steadily approaching the 70th anniversary of The Manhattan Project‘s fateful success.

Below the Atomic Skull of UofC stood the world’s first nuclear reactor, Chicago Pile 1.

On December 2, 1942, Fermi and his team harnessed the power of uncreating matter; alchemy at its inevitable conclusion.

On that day, some of the world’s greatest minds stood side-by-side in the warm glow of a dawning age…


Who Watches the Watchmen?

Chicago Pile 1: Back row - Norman Hilberry, Samuel Allison, Thomas Brill, Robert G. Nobles, Warren Nyer, and Marvin Wilkening. Middle row - Harold Agnew, William Sturm, Harold Lichtenberger, Leona W. Marshall, and Leo Szilard. Front row - Enrico Fermi, Walter H. Zinn, Albert Wattenberg, and Herbert L. Anderson.


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  1. Why, the Department of Energy, of course 😉

  2. P.S. You know that statue is now right next to some really ugly neon-colored dorms.

  3. No one if not us. That is what is so terrifying.

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