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Palliativity 138: Running Free

Posted on December 1, 2011

I’m turning 28 in a couple of days. “Twenty-something” doesn’t quite fit like it used to.

2012 is my 10 year highschool re-union, but I’m not planning on Gross-Point-Blanking my way into the past just yet.

From K-12 I went to one of the best private schools in Chicago and I am thankful for my education everyday. I was a scholarship kid of a diverse background at a school trying to fight their wealthy, Waspy image. Amen. It’s a crowd that’s hard to keep-up with, but you learn quickly to not stand-out— even if it’s your differentness that got you there in the first place.

Today, I remain rich in family, friends, honor and history. My four part-time jobs suit me just fine: Artist, Social Media/Graphic Designer, Judo Sensei, Archivist— This isn’t just me staying busy. I believe in everthing I am doing.


My school friends remain rich in money and it’s hard not to feel put down at times for my lack of advanced degrees, nice car to complain about or more than one good suit. I can feel them slipping away from me in social stature, job security and how I simply must visit someplace I could never afford to go to, just for fun.

and yet…

You are here reading this story and that means so much to me. You remind me that there are more important things in life and that I’m on a mission: I’m trying to make the world a better place; one art-piece, one interview, and one child at a time.

Thank you.


p.s. these Free-runnners are amazing!

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  1. Oh my friend your life is just beginning and, as far as people showing off their wealth and shoving it in your face, I’m sure the reason they do that is because they are jealous of what you have that didn’t take any money to acquire, a personality and a heart for what is real and true! I will be in Europe for a week so I hope you have a wonderful b-day samurai warrior! ;o)

  2. Everything has its time and place, David. If you want to travel the world nonchalantly, you will do it when you are truly ready. As I see it, your life is a culmination of everything that you love and believe in. David with a Ferrari just isnt the David I know and love, nor would the car work with the number of judo kids and schools you teach at! 😉

    And for the record, I am jealous of your high school. I would have loved nerdy central over the gangsta wannabes that was my reality.

    Miss You!

  3. I may have an advanced degree, but I don’t even have one good suit! Hope to see you soon and often.

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