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Ouroboros: it gets Brighter

Posted on October 28, 2010


Step 1: Take one minute and look
ttttttttttttinto a mirror. Get up close.
Step 2: Breath
Step 3: Reflect

I am graphic designer to support the habit. Pain, drugs, love, and ontology are my enablers. I am powerless to my need to create. Madness, if anything, is encouraged.

My patron saint is Ouroboros, the self-eating snake. Each creation is a small death; I bathe in the ashes of the Phoenix. Each project begins at the epic conclusion of a narcissistic battle between the rational and the etherial.

When posting a new piece, I am the one hand clapping, hoping for the universe to clap back; Synchronicity with the beat of the open void shouting out the statically fried messages of a poetic radio-operator. Everything is subject to entropy, even creativity.

When I stare at a digital canvas, I envision that if I were to paint every possible stroke, a black page would remain. In the darkness I see my flat world reflected in gloss. I find comfort in this. It means that in a way, we are all connected through the vail of the floating void; the dark-canvas-mirror live-video-feed into each other’s souls. Welcome to the inner depths.

Know this:

You are not alone

• ∞ λ ∞ •

Be brave. Stand strong. Be proud. Reach out. It gets brighter.


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